Daniel Cameron

Hi, <br /> I'm a Property Investor collecting hundreds of videos and going to be documenting my own journey investing in real estate to make myself a better life! <br /><br />When it comes to Property Investor video l've found all the up-to-date and best all over the Internet not just this site! You are depriving yourself there are brilliant videos popping up everywhere you can not afford to miss some of these good videos! <br /><br />New site launched 2009 so check out http://forpropertyinvestors.com for a one stop shop (free shop!) because everything is 100% free to watch. <br /><br />Australian Property Investor Videos. Providing an excellent and totally FREE resource. Made by a Property Investor. <br /><br />Follow my 10 Year Millionaire Goals & Lifestyle Video Blog! Up to the minute commentary on how l'm going... what I'm doing? <br /><br />Get your video air-played for free, easy... just post it to the blog or forum. <br /><br />Download free ebooks and more. <br /><br />Dedicated channel for over two years now and will remain doing this! I'm Jaffasoft. For all things video see Jaffa. <br /><br />The Line Up: <br />Steve McKnight <br />Dolf de Roos <br />Robert Kiyosaki <br />Australian Property Investor <br />Napoleon Hill <br />Henry Ford <br />Donald Trump <br />Warren Buffet <br />Mark Rolton <br />Anthony Robbins <br />Cheyanne Brae <br />Daniel Cameron <br />Jaffasoft <br />Hot Property TV <br />Carly Crutchfield <br />Plenty more here and more added every other day.