FONZIE <br /><br />- FONZIE already played in EUA, Japan, Australia, Singapore, U.K, Brasil, Germany, Portugal, Spain, France, Belgium, Italy, Netherlands, Austria, Czech Republican, Sweden, Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador, Chile, Argentina, etc....,etc....) <br /><br />- played in main Summer Festivals around the World such as: <br />Rock In Rio <br />Deconstruction Tour <br />Dour Festival <br />Festival do Sudueste <br />Rock In Idro <br />Festival do Ermal <br />PukkelPop <br />SuperBock SuperRock <br />Etc… <br /><br />- played with Linkin Park, Korn, Pennywise, Offspring, Soulfly, Nofx, Millencolin, Jimmy Eat World, Lost Prophets, All American Rejects, My Chemical Romance, Black Eyed Peas, Muse, Misfits, Nickelback etc…. <br /><br />- Nominees for MTV European Music Awards 2003(Best New Act) <br /><br />- High rotation around the world on MTV, MTV2, MTV ASIA, NBC, etc… <br /><br />- The hit single GOTTA GET AWAY is part of MTV’s Laguna Beach soundtrack <br /><br />......anyway we should go back to....... <br /><br />1996: <br />- João, Hugo and David started the band Fonzie <br /><br />1997: <br />- First promo tape (“Bring Me Up”) with 4 songs <br /><br />1998: <br />- First EP “The Melo Pot” <br /><br />2001: <br />- First full length album called “Built to Rock” recorded in Sweden by the famous producer Pelle Saether (The Hives, Millencolin, No Fun At All, etc…) <br /><br />- Winners of Millencolin’s worldwide contest with best “Millencolin Cover Song” <br /><br />2002: <br />- “Built To Rock” was released worldwide by Jumpstart Records in USA, Movieplay in Portugal, ULF Records in Japan, Barulho Records in South America, PunkNation Records in Belgium and Godschild Records in Hong-Kong <br /><br />- World tour with 120 shows in EUA, Europe, Asia and South America <br /><br />2003: <br />- Nominees for MTV European Music Awards 2003(Best Portuguese Act) <br /><br />- Recording of the new album “Wake Up Call” in Sweden by the producer P.O.Saether <br /><br />2004: <br />- Fonzie goes to Hollywood (L.A) to shoot the new video “Gotta Get Away”, with director Darren Doane (Deftones, Blink 182, Jimmy Eat World, etc…) <br /><br />- Photo session with Joanne Smetts (“Morning View”, Incubus) <br /><br />- “Wake Up Call” was released worldwide with Nicola Sarcevic (Millencolin) as guest <br /><br />- Fonzie signs with Megaforce / Transdreamer Records for USA, Canada and Mexico. Megaforce has been the record label for several bands in the heavy metal and/or thrash genres, including Metallica, Anthrax, S.O.D., M.O.D., Overkill and Raven <br /><br />2004 e 2005: <br />- New world tour in EUA, Asia, Europe, Australia and South America <br /><br />2006 e 2007: <br />- “10 YEARS ARE NOT ENOUGH” <br /><br />- Recording and worldwide release of the new full length album “Shout It Out” <br /><br />Fonzie: <br />Hugo Maia – Vocals / Guitar <br />David Marques – Guitar <br />Carlos Teixeira – Bass <br />João Marques – Drums <br /><br />Website - <br />Myspace - <br />Pure volume - <br />Hi5 - <br />Japanese website - <br />German website - <br />Forum - <br />