I dunno what to say about myself:] I think every person will get a different opinion about me, after we will know each other better, becouse we are all different and together very similar :] I am friendly, frank, sincere and very simple :] The one thing that people must know is that dance is not only the way of living for me, it is my life ;]] By the way, I speak russian, lithuanian, english and a lil bit polish xD <br /> Dance Styles: hiphop, new style, old school, waveing, popping, locking etc. <br />I'm dancin' only for a 1,5year but I can feel that hiphop is my life...Before starting dance hiphop I was dancing break dance for one year.But since I was dancing only break dance "top" I decided to dance hiphop.I can't live without rap,r&b and hiphop music...Only I hear the music I am starting dancin'...It doesn't matter where am I...In the street, at school bus station or supermarket...Dance is my passion...Dance is My Life...Hip Hop is what I am...Hip Hop is what I live... <br /><br />Thanks for all of you for your support and your opinion ;] Peace V <br /><br />msn/e-mail: