Kenmore Tenants Association

This Racketeer Influenced Corrupt Organization (RICO) "Landlord"stole a 50 million dollar property from the US taxpayer through political ... all » corruption, violates the 13th and 14th amendments to the US constitution by claiming to "own" the unlucky inhabitants of this stolen rent stabilized building. The putative landlord is attempting a home invasion while admitting to performing others later in the video. They actually have the nerve to claim to have called the police (they have spared no resource in attempting to corrupt the NYPD). The Police never came because minutes later those shown in the video forced their way into Chake Baghtedjian's (5F) apartment committing Felony Attempted Murder and ensuing coverup (including erasing/destroying videotape from hall camera showing crime). Ms. Baghtedjian is a poor elderly petite immigrant woman evicted and put in a coma for making a repair complaint and not going along with Medicaid/Medicare Fraud. She is now being hidden in an unknown Bronx nursing home. If you would like to help please email finmaccool(at)