FEPS - Foundation for European Progressive Studie

FOUNDATION FOR EUROPEAN PROGRESSIVE STUDIES - FEPS <br /><br />| THE NEW PROGRESSIVE THINK TANK | <br />FEPS is the new European progressive foundation. Close to the Party of European Socialists, but nevertheless independent, FEPS embodies a new way of thinking on the social democratic European scene. <br /><br />| A NEW WAY OF THINKING | <br />Socialist and progressive ideas are needed to tackle today's issues to create a better society. FEPS aims at establishing an intellectual crossroad between social democracy and the European project, putting fresh thinking at the core of its action. <br /><br />| AN INCUBATOR OF PROGRESSIVE IDEAS | <br />Being an ideas platform, FEPS works in close collaboration with social democratic organisations to tackle the challenges that Europe is facing today. <br /><br />| THOUGHT PROVOKING CONCEPTS | <br />Democracy and diversity, social Europe, environment and Europe in the world are among the main issues tackled by FEPS.