Johnny Ringo
Lafayette, United States
There is the stuff on TV…………then there is what we do.

We have the characters. We have an ongoing storyline. The only “great big” difference is that we have no idea where the story will go, nor do our fans, nor do the girls involved, since the outcomes are REAL and not scripted. (Unless otherwise marked in the video, very rare.)

We are an online reality tv storyline that can be shaped by anyone and everyone. There is no adult content or nudity on this website. We have no idea (whatsoever) where the story is going and neither does our fans. The Female Wrestling Channel is totally and completely fan driven. This website was opened to the public on April 13th 2012.

Are you a female anywhere in the world reading this? Need some extra money? Want to create some buzz with your friends or your fans? Contact us and ask about how you can set your own price and challenge one of our girls to a real wrestling match here in Indiana.

Our philosophy is to provide incredible value at an incredible cost. For $9.99 per month or $99 per year. ALL of our videos, ALL of our Content, one very low price. The Female Wrestling Channel will offer female vs female and mixed female wrestling matches. Mostly Competitive and some Scripted matches here and there. (Scripted matches will be labeled as such).

The best way to get matches on the website is to SPONSOR a match and to keep up with every single new update you can simply subscribe to our newsletter for updates for updates on news, new performers, and new releases.

The next part of our story is in your hands. Where will you take us? How will you influence it?