Fed Conti

Fed Conti, electro & bass music Dj with a long background as musician and producer active in several music genres from jazz rock to cinematic music. He has unleashed his work on many renowned labels worldwide including Skint, Ministry of Sound, Island Uk, Universal Uk, Hed Kandi, Stealth, Time to name a few. He has been releasing many different forms of electronic music since 2005 under various monickers including his most popular alter ego "Mahjong". Fed has DJed in most important clubs around Europe such Pacha, Paradiso, Fabric, Fura and many underground parties. He played as Hammond organ player and Keyboardist with artists such Zucchero, Mike Stern, Mel Gaynor while he collaborated as producer with djs and artists including Bob Sinclar, Sugababes, Fabri Fibra, Cube Guys, Sheila Brodi, Alex Gaudino, Grum, Cissy Houston, Kym Mazelle. His music is totally contaminated from jazz-rock to funk and electronic. Since 2010 is focusing mainly on Electro, Dubstep, Moombahton and Dnb. His music has been synched on Tv Series and Shows by Abc, Mtv, Mediaset, 20th Century Fox’s Movies, Advertising Campaigns such Ford, Fiat, Always, Infasil, Lancia and videogames by Atari.