Fabio Zuliani

Fabio Zuliani is a professional writer, film director, and multi-role playing actor, originally from the Chiusella Valley (Italy). <br />Zuliani has found himself in a Californian desert, and he is a scholar and connoisseur of 1960s and 1970s American art, especially the films of Stanley Kubrick. <br />Having graduated from high school in classical studies, he has been a guest on the "Maurizio Costanzo Show" (a famous Italian talk show) on several occasions, and it was here that he gained national recognition as a poet. His meeting with the great actor Carmelo Bene, in 1994, marked a significant turning point in both his creative and personal life. <br />Zuliani has also made a number of independent films, such as "PLAY", an award-winner at several important specialist film festivals, and "THE HOUSE WITH ARCHED WINDOWS”.<br />In 2008, he made his foray into the world of cabaret with the sexy comedy "MR RAVEN SHOW", in which Zuliani plays 15 different characters - both male and female - and presents for the first time to the public his legendary character "Ninuzzo”.<br />His chief interest outside the artistic field is the tantric perception of the great forces of the expanding universe.<br /><br />FILMOGRAPHY: <br />"Play" (1988-2002)<br />“Poïesis” (1992-1996)<br />"The House With Arched Windows" (2000)<br />"Mr Raven Show" (2008-2011)<br />“The Making of Play” (2012)<br /><br />BIBLIOGRAPHY: <br />“La finestra che cammina” (The Walking Window”, poems, 1999)<br />"Deep Blue Poems" (poems, 2007)<br />"La Vanità Inferiore" (The Lowermost Vanity, novel, 2008)<br /><br />E-mail: fabiozulianiplay@gmail.com