James L. Paris

Editor In Chief of Christian Money.com<br /><br />I was born in a suburb of Chicago on January 23, 1965. I am the author of more than twenty books including; Money Management for Those Who Don't Have Any, Living Financially Free, The 10 Day Financial Breakthrough, The Christian Financial Crisis, and Absolutely Amazing Ways To Save Money on Everything. My website is Christian Money.com. I began my career in the financial industry in 1986, initially working for a small regional brokerage firm and then for PaineWeber. In 1987 I was recruited by Delta First Financial, Inc., partially owned by infomercial guru Charles J. Givens. I became Vice President of Delta First Financial within two years and was managing more than 50 stockbrokers. While serving as Vice President, I was invited to guest host the Charles J. Givens radio show. Later, I became the regular guest host for Givens, doing about 50% of the broadcasts for a two year period. I wrote My first book, "Financial Boot Camp for Christians" in 1992. That same year I started my own radio and tv programs which were syndicated nationwide. My books had sales exceeding a million copies between 1992 and 2002 according to Christian Retail figures. I have appeared as a frequent guest on The 700 Club and numerous other national programs, including Marlin Maddoux Point of View.