Fumi Hancock

About<br />Celebrating Ordinary Heroes Transforming their Lives Extraordinarily from Scratch!<br /><br />Description<br />From Scratch TV is an Inspirational Online Programming featuring ordinary heroes. Follow our heroes as they transform their lives in an extraordinary way from SCRATCH! It celebrates the tonacity, vigor and determination of "our next door" heroes and teaches our viewers how to do same with their circumstances, no matter what they are.<br /><br />This inspirational show is hosted by Dr Fumi Hancock, Founder and President of Adassa Adumori Foundation, Inc,(www.adassafoundation.org) a US based 501(c) 3 Organization with the mission to alleviate poverty in Africa by providing Quality Education, Standard Healthcare and Advancement in Human Capital Developments in said continent.<br /><br />This medium's MISSION, VISION & GOAL: To inspire, explore, motive our audience to grand creativity, empower and provide a vehicle to dream big yet again.<br /><br />OUR MOTTO:<br />Failure is not an Option! But a training tool and an opportunity to get it right the next time.<br /><br />It's not how much a person fall that matters but how he or she stand strong in the face of adversity!<br /><br />REMEMBER:<br />A Winner Never Quits! A Quitter Never Wins!<br />The stories featured will give our audience the WINGS TO SOAR IN BOLDNESS!<br /><br />Do you have an inspiring story to share with our audience? Or do you have a hero in your neighboring you would like to celebrate? Send us a video about you or your nominee.<br /><br />Send video and a short statement to:fumi@fromscratchtv.com<br /><br />FOR THOSE IN THE NASHVILLE AREA, FUMI WILL LIKE TO DO A TAPE RECORDING OF YOUR LIFE EXPERIENCE ONE ON ONE.<br />If you reside in the the Nashville area, please include that in your email to us.<br /><br />TAPING IS IN SESSION FOR THE GRAND LAUNCHING OF THIS ONLINE INSPIRATIONAL PROGRAMMING.<br /><br />ACTION PLAN: We need you to like us... twit about us...send our information to friends and families who may have stories to tell. STORIES FROM ALL CONTINENT IS WELCOMED. <br /><br />Productions see more: www.fromscratchtv.com