Billy Knaub

Hi - I am Billy Knaub ~ Join me in the FREEDOM MOVEMENT!!!!! I want to fight for our kids rights! I believe that the government should be spending $ while Interest rates are Low. <br /><br />I scored in the top 92% of national and New York state Math SAT's in May 1993. In addition, I scored VERY well on my Caliper Exam, an exam given to all New York Yankee's. <br /><br />I am very good at connecting with my co-workers. I find out a lot of things that would help management. I can vastly improve effeciency. <br /><br />I worked for Howard Stern and my name is credited in both Private Parts and Miss America.<br /><br />I receved a nomination by George J. Hochbrueckner on 12/27/1993 to the United States Air Force Academy.<br /><br />~I used to enjoy Chess. Great Game. When the pawn get's across to the end of the board you <br />get any piece you want. <br />Goals: <br />Open our boarders to immigration~ Re-open Ellis Island<br /> To help save the United States economy. <br />Help people make money.<br /> Help create Jobs.<br /> Help people to succeed in the American Dream.<br /> Fight for HUMAN RIGHTS!!!!<br /> FIGHT FOR ANIMAL RIGHTS!!!!<br /> Fix the Constitution<br /> End the Drinking Age, it's causing Alcoholism!@<br /> Legalize Marijuana ~ It has many medical advantages and will reduce medical costs significantly when legalized.<br /> End Human Trafficing<br /> Kick out the Psychytrists who are destroying family's along withh our country@