SecWh Directory

We run a tight ship when it comes to editing our directory. Anyone can submit freely to our directory, but very few get in due to quality and our strict rules.<br /><br />If you follow the rules and write a good description, you will get in fast. Other then that, things you should know are, we care about stopping spam. <br /><br />We consider a clean web directory our cause and as such hate spam. We send out limited emails and even then it is only related to your link. The rare occasion it will be about the directory and by proxy , your link.<br /><br />We are not a sales page directory, we don't care about getting the most links, we care about getting the best. <br /><br />We think Indian SEO companies should tell there customers that they are spamming there site.<br /><br />Here is our tweet for our site, retweet if you want<br /><br />Thank you very much.<br /><br />Head to the Wally-Mart store - Eternal Consumption Engine