Hbkcj Mcghee

A rising star in the Bay Area scene, @HBKCJ first got my attention with his video Roots, a smooth banger over a recording of a Roots jam session shot at a pool hall with the rest of @TheHBKGang. Since then he's sent us a ton of exclusive music, varying from party slaps (see Say Oh) to chill, instrospective hip-hop songs (see Alright). Download the HBK kid's debut mixtape exclusively right here on Thizzler.com, mixed by the one and only DJ Amen, and make sure you keep an eye out for more from HBK CJ - this is only the crash course in his music & believe me, he has a lot more on deck...Back cover & tracklist after the jump!<br /> NEW RELEASED MIX TAPE CRASH COURSE http://youtu.be/xpxKuSnnoH8<br /><br />John Mcghee<br />Thizzler.com & DJ Amen present HBK CJ's debut mixtape, #CrashCourse!<br /><br />Exclusive free download: http://www.thizzler.com/blog/2012/10/2/thizzlercom-dj-amen-present-hbk-cj-crashcourse-mixtape.html