Senthil Kumar

EXPERT SYSTEMS AND SOLUTIONS<br />Email:,<br />Cell: 9952749533, 9345276362.<br />Chennai , Tamil Nadu, India<br /><br />EXPERT GUIDANCE IN POWER SYSTEMS POWER ELECTRONICS<br /> We provide guidance and codes for the for the following power systems areas.<br />1. Deregulated Systems,<br />2. Wind power Generation and Grid connection<br />3. Unit commitment<br />4. Economic Dispatch using AI methods<br />5. Voltage stability<br />6. FLC Control<br />7. Transformer Fault Identifications<br />8. SCADA - Power system Automation<br /><br /> we provide guidance and codes for the for the following power Electronics areas.<br /> 1. Three phase inverter and converters<br /> 2. Buck Boost Converter<br /> 3. Matrix Converter<br /> 4. Inverter and converter topologies<br /> 5. Fuzzy based control of Electric Drives.<br /> 6. Optimal design of Electrical Machines<br /> 7. BLDC and SR motor Drives<br /><br /> OUR CENTER SUPPORTS<br />HARDWARE AND SOFTWARE REAL TIME<br /> INDUSTRIAL PROJECTS<br /> WE PROVIDE ON LINE TRAINING FOR OUR STUDENTS ON THERE PROJECT.<br /> THEORY AND WORKING OF YOUR PROJECTS WILL BE DISCUSSED BY ON-LINE CLASS<br /><br />PROJECT AREAS FOR REAL TIME INDUSTRIAL PROJECTS<br /> Embedded system ,VLSI design, ANN, FUZZY LOGIC, Power system, Power Electronics, Machines ,Control system ,Bio medical , Communication Engineering SINGLE CHIP MICROCOMPUTER & APPLICATIONS<br />Single-Chip Microcomputers and Applications, Special Machines, Stochastic System, Switch Mode Power Supply, Synchronous Machines and System Stability, System Reliability, Telemetry & Remote Control, Testing and Commisioning of Electrical Equipment, Topologies of Enhanced Power Quality AC/DC Converters , Ultrasonic & Laser Instrumentation , Advanced Microprocessors and Interfacing.