Tivon Branch

Hip Hop/Rap artist, aspiring video director/editor. <br /><br />When speaking on Hip Hop there are many elements. The most recognized element is the music. Tivon Branch also known as “Von” to the entertainment industry; was born March 4, 1985 to a family with a rich musical background. "I'm not just music, I am life.” says Von. “Watch me live beyond the words I write in the notebook; and observe as I flourish through the lyrics of a song.” Von possess a diverse style that does more than adapt to compositions; it brings life to a project demanding the best results for listeners and those looking to be entertained. <br /><br />With becoming a director is a growing experience. I experienced many new things shaping myself to differentiate myself from the every wannabe to accomplished video directors in the world. Its a long stressful journey but I am excited to see it through to completion.