Rock 'n Water-creations

Swimming Pool Service, Rock Waterfalls, & More<br /><br />As Sarasota’s most referred pool service & maintenance company, Rock ‘N Water Creations is here to turn your pool into the outdoor oasis you always wanted. Whether you just want to step onto your lanai and see crystal clear water, or you want to feel like you’ve left Florida altogether and are about to dive in some exotic location, Rock ‘N Water Creations is the all-in-one pool company you’ve been looking for.<br />Professional swimming pool services:<br /><br /> Swimming pool rock waterfall design & construction<br /> Swimming pool maintenance & repairs<br /> Weekly pool cleaning service<br /> Regular pool & equipment inspection<br /> Pool leak detection<br /> Pool equipment sales<br /> Pool safety fence installation<br /> Algae prevention<br /> Pool stain removal service<br /> “Green to clean” & storm clean up<br /> Foreclosure maintenance<br /><br />Our History of Service – Rock N’ Water Creations<br /><br />Rock ‘N Water Creations was founded by Jeremiah McDaniel. As a devoted father, and businessman, Jeremiah started humbly in 2001 surfacing, then building swimming pool waterfalls in the Gulf Coast. He started Rock ‘N Water Creations in 2004 and has since become the most referred pool service in Sarasota. Known for creating intricately designed rock waterfalls for swimming pools and landscapes, Jeremiah has a vast portfolio of projects throughout Florida.<br /><br />In fact, Rock ‘N Water Creations’ reputation has reached destinations as far as New Orleans, Baton Rouge, and Lockport, Louisiana. To see a portfolio of our featured projects, check out our Photo Gallery of Rock Waterfalls.<br /><br />Our Mission Statement:<br /><br />To provide our clients with the pool they always wanted. Whether it’s giving you on-time and consistently great pool services, or installing a beautiful, safe, long-lasting swimming pool waterfalls.