Doctor Juxa

Youtube was muting all my videos, so hopefully I'll have better luck here. <br />Why don't I just not upload copyrighted music? Because the music industry should realize it is free advertisement. It's not like people can download the music off the videos, and there are already rules on most uploading sites prohibiting topics that they may not want their music associated with (i.e. racism and such). As long as credit is given to the artist I don't see how this could possibly hurt the industry. After all I have personally discovered some great artists from privately made music videos, including Anti-Flag, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Flogging Molly, Foo Fighters, Alkaline Trio, and Rise Against. All of which I have since bought CDs of. So the music industry should be reveling in joy at all these people spreading their products free of cost and making them money. <br /><br />(My avatar is not of me, it is of Natalie Portman)