Arguably the creator of the most influential NBA media on the web. <br /><br />It started in the late 90s with the video heavy thedunk.com & the most popular Vince Carter site for 4 years Gotvinsanity.com. <br /><br />Around 2000, EP started experimenting with video production with movie style mixes & interactive DVDROMs. <br /><br />Between 2003-05, EP created the most influential NBA mixes on the web including Art of War, Lebron - He Got Game, Kobe - Man on Fire, 5 Deadly Venoms and the 30 min. Air. <br /><br />The next stage in EP's career is http://Ilovethisgame2.com - the future of social networking for NBA fans. <br /><br />EP also works with Houston Marketing firm Red Apples Solutions and Team Flight Brothers.