MUST READ!!!: I am very sorry to say that I will not be be uploading any more videos on dailymotion because now the website is giving me copyright law issues and rejecting many of the music videos i have been trying to upload. I will still keep my account and keep my videos up, but again I am very sorry. <br /><br />******************************************** <br />Singer and band mv's uploaded: <br /><br />HYDE <br />Gackt <br />Antique Cafe <br />Dir en Grey <br />L'Arc~en~Ciel <br />Malice Mizer <br />Bush <br />Alice Nine <br />Oasis <br />Travis <br />Rain <br />Plastic Tree <br />Polysics <br /><br />Movies: <br />Moon Child w/english subs (broken up in 9 parts) <br /><br />*********************************************** <br />luv sci-fi, action, fantasy, comedy, romance, etc. Big Star Wars fan. <br />cannot get enough of asian dramas, movies, and music. <br /><br />Watched: Tropical Night in December, Sad Love Story, Super Rookie, My Name is Kim Sam Soon, Sweet Spy, Hello God, Palace, My Girl, Full House, Devil Beside You, Spring Waltz, Exhibition of Fireworks, My Love Patzzi, Great Inheritance, Bad Family, Which Star Are You From?, A Love to Kill, Meteor Garden, Snow Queen