Erna Y ( Antunes )

In Brazil Erna Y worked continuously on her painting, sculpture and tapestry. <br />Her inspiration comes from both nature and humankind. <br />Man is intrinsically connected to nature but is slowly destroying it. <br />With her art Erna wants to bring Man back in contact with nature and its beauty. <br />A return to nature is a return to the love of God and his creation. <br />With her experience Erna was the mentor and organizer of 1st Cultural and Arts Festival of Ouro Preto and Mariana (Brazil) in July, 1965 - the very first festival of its kind held in Brazil. <br />Since then the Mariana and Ouro Preto Festival is held yearly and served as model for art festivals throughout Brazil. <br />Erna Y has been a member of the Brazilian Fine Arts Academy since 1970, and shortly thereafter she received the Pedro Américo Gold Medal of Honor. <br />In May, 2008 she was honored with the MEDAL OF VERMEIL by the French Societé Académique des Arts, Sciences et Lettres founded in 1915.