Who is Eriq? <br />Eriq is a singer, songwriter, composer/producer who has dedicated himself to music. He has created a unique sound that combines different sounds from all genres of music. He doesn’t limit himself to one specific sound since he always likes to experiment with music. <br />Eriq was born In Southern California and was born with music in his blood. Eriq always knew he wanted be around music. After graduating from high school, Eriq moved to Florida for one year, where he learned and experienced the sounds of the south. After his brief stint in Florida he then went on to move to Germany for Four years, where he learned the sounds of the world. Being In a foreign country allowed Eriq to travel and experience all of the great sounds of Europe, and Africa. After being across the Globe for quite a while, he decided it was time to share and express his musical thoughts. So he decided to move back to Los Angeles to pursue a music career. <br /><br />What Does Eriq want? <br />All Eriq wants is for his music to be appreciated for what it is, Music. <br />All of his songs are a piece of him and he wants the listener to enjoy the music the same way he enjoyed making it. <br /><br />What's next for Eriq? <br />More music and whatever opportunities come his way? <br /><br />