Eric Yi

I Do Korean Music Covers for fun~ <br />I'm a Korean-American Singer/composer. <br />Originally born in Seoul, South Korea and now currently residing in Bethesda, Maryland U.S.A. <br />My Favorite Groups to cover include BigBang, EXO, DBSK, SHinee, Beast and once in a while I'll sing a SNSD or 2NE1 track. <br />Download all My Covers for FREE at my SoundClouds! <br />Follow me on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook! <br /><br />My Specs:<br />-Comp: Macbook Pro<br />-Programs: Logic Pro & iMovie<br />-Headphones: Sony MDR-7506 <br />-Speakers: Rokit RP5G2<br />-Keyboard:M-Audio Key Studio <br />-Mic: LUNA Mic<br /><br />Awards: <br />SM Sherlock Vocal Contest 3rd place finalist<br />Featured Cover Artist for Cleopatra Records (CA, USA) <br /><br />Univeristy of North Carolina -Chapel Hill & NCSMM Alumni<br /><br />Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976<br />Lastly I do not profit from any of these songs