Eric Xodik

Greetings fellow travelers, I mean you no harm. I have returned once again from the desert with a message of love. We are on the eve of the next Galactic Cycle. Our world is about to embark upon a realm shift. What will the new world be like? It’s hard to say. <br />I know this: to prepare we must learn to develop higher resonances. We are to discard fear and the obsession with the material and embrace the frequencies of love. We must activate our future circuits in our DNA, we must view the world through our 3rd eyes, and we must evolve into pneumatic beings. <br />This is the music of Trans-dimensional worlds. It was embedded into my genetic make-up nearly 10 years ago. I have re-awakened my spirit with the harmonies of ancient vibrations. Yes, we are coming to an end of a great cycle. We are in the epoch of Shiva, awaiting the rebirth of our world. The entities who showed me our future taught me their songs. This music is not by me but channeled through me. My hope is that it awakens something within you as well. <br />Namaste <br />