Since 2005 and under the moniker “Thot”, Grégoire Fray has been imprinting the industrial-rock scene with his own sonic personality: “vegetal noise music”, a term he invented for all of those who want to put a label on their food.

Thot have cultivated a strong and personal relationship with an ever-expanding fan’s community: The Vegetal Noise Lovers. Over the last eight years, Thot have become an uncompromising live act, capable of electrified musical & visual performances.

On stage, Fray is joined by Gil de Chevigné (drums, electronics), Hugues Peeters (piano, keyboards), Dimitri Iannello (bass, keyboards) and scenographer Arielle Moens (videos projections, vocals).

Thot’s new album, “The City That Disappears”, mixed by Magnus Lindberg from Cult of Luna, is due 14.04.2014 on Black Basset Records/White Leaves Music. The first single, “HTRZ”, is unveiled exclusively on the network. More than ever, expect a wild blend of electronic and rock music, where Grégoire Fray’s footsteps lead us from his former themes up to a new organic & urban area. You’ll get lost, probably, but it will be exciting.