Ehy ~ <br />Hello, how are you? ♥ <br />I'm Envy, I'm 21, I was born on July 15, I'm Italian, I like cats, shotas, panties with animals, the words "culo" and "belino", "MODAFACCHA" (LOL WHAT.), my Kiro and Kiro's belino. And anyway, no one cares about these things. ♥ <br />But I wanted to fill the description. ♥ <br />I really like the world of fandub, I met many people. Too bad that, even though I like to meet new people, my English is very bad, and I can speak very little. Why am I talking so much in this description? Google translate, of course. Anyway, thank you for your registration. I hope that you will support my squeaky voice. ♥