- Brutepop <br />- 3FM Serious Talent <br />- winner Tilburg has Talent (2008) <br />- played her 5th show at Dauwpop and 9th show across the border (Eier Mit Speck, Germany) <br /><br />Take the following ingredients: (former) bandmembers of Kasba & Benjamin Winter + a frontlady who moves you, seduces and blows you away! Mix it up and ENGO is born! <br />The band members have played some of Holland's biggest venues with previous bands (e.g. Paradiso, Melkweg, Heineken Music Hall), but now the time has come to introduce ENGO to the world! <br />ENGO is a band from Noord-Brabant that mixes rock, pop, funk, metal and alternative dance music. Their style has been compared to No Doubt, The Doors and Nirvana but it's best described as: Brutepop! They don't just create a new mix of styles, but a whole new style of mixing! <br />Their first EP EPisode is released in 2008. Soon after that they get invited by 3FM (Dutch National Radio) for a whole week in Stenders Eetvermaak and once more for a live performance and interview. They get selected as a new 3FM Serious Talent and go across the border for their 9th show. Soon after that they're already playing some of Hollands's biggest venues (013, Paard van Troje) and festivals (Dauwpop, Elastiek and Koetstock). <br />At the moment ENGO is working on new studio recordings with which they hope to leave a lasting impression in the (inter)national music scene.