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Movimiento 15 Mayo: ¡Democracia Real YA Para Todos ! Las Personas No Somos Mercancía en Manos de Políticos y Banqueros ! No+ Paros.. No +Abusos... YA NO MAS ! España - Barcelona ·
U P CM Akhilesh Yadav clarifies that he didn't watch pirated copy of'PK'
Complete coverage of the UP State Elections in which Samajwadi Party swept to power under the youthful promise of Akhilesh Yadav. Did Rahul Gandhi fail? Did Mayawati build too many statues?
1001 Inventions Exhibition - BBC London News
Occupy London was a peaceful protest and demonstration against economic inequality, the lack of affordability of housing in the United Kingdom, social injustice, corporate greed and the influence of companies and lobbyists on government taking place in Lon...
La agencia de noticias española.
Previsión del tiempo para este fin de semana
Europa Press es una de las agencias de noticias privada líderes en España.
Misuse of power in the Department of Homeland Security?
The United States Presidential Election of 2012 is the next United States presidential election, to be held on Tuesday, November 6, 2012. Catch the latest video coverage right here.
España 1936-39 - La Guerra Civil Documentales
Los últimos vídeos y noticias relacionados con las elecciones.
A Closer Look at The Funny Man
Welcome to the Gorymotion haunted house, where our editors-turned-zombies have selected scary videos to watch: our exclusive original series The Funny Man, Halloween how-to videos, spooky movie and game trailers, ear piercing music and more..
Cartoon Network Italy - 5 days until the premiere of Over the Garden Wall [Promo]
Occupy Wall Street is an ongoing series of demonstrations in New York City[6] based in Zuccotti Park on Wall Street. Instigated by the Canadian activist group Adbusters, the protests were inspired by the Arab Spring movement, especially Cairo's Tahrir Squa...
Jetman vs Jetteam
What's the next big viral sensation going to be? We're not sure ourselves, but it's very likely that it's on this page somewhere! Check back for new, crazy clips everyday!
Steve Jobs «Stay Hungry. Stay Foolish.» Motivational Speech At Stanford University
È scomparso a 56 anni Steve Jobs. Co-fondatore ed ex CEO di Apple, Steve Jobs è morto Mercoledì 5 Ottobre a Palo Alto, vittima di un tumore al pancreas. L'annuncio sul sito della società: «Abbiamo persoun uomo creativo, visionario e formidabile».
AWE - 2 Minutes Or Less: YuMe
Watch archive videos of the Advertising Week 2012, exclusively on Dailymotion!
5 Big Celeb Feuds of 2013
The A List has all the latest entertainment news and celebrity gossip.
Dog and Fox Become Friends
U-Zoo is the home of funny, strange and curious stories about pets and animals. Brazilian dog parades, baby polar bears, penguins with prosthetic beaks... it's full of things that make you go aaah…
10 Vaccines That Saved The World
All Time 10s features top 10 lists of absolutely everything. From famous prison breaks to 10 things that could end the world, the channel features interesting, bizarre and amusing facts within a light entertainment format.
Japanese Cat Island
Diagonal View appeals to young men with a sense of fun and adventure. Whether it's a robot playing a violin, a guy jumping over a charging bull or a man with 82 Julia Roberts tattoos, you'll find it here.
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