Susan Welch

Susan Welch, founder and director of the Empowerment Institute Speakers Bureau is a season professional speaker herself having presented to 30,000 people since 2003 in Positive Psychology in the corporate, government, education, mental health and health areas. She has been covered by many major newspapers and radio stations, not only in Australia, but in the USA and Japan also. As such, she understand speakers and clients needs and wants, and the best ways to achieve them. <br />Empowerment Institute is a niche bureau showcasing the best quality speakers, trainers and coaches over a range of topics and does not aim to compete with the larger bureaus on quantity of speakers on the books. Susan is now taking her beloved speakers to a worldwide audience with pride. <br />Empowerment Institute is also a major marketing and events bureau, having hosted many smaller speakers previews to corporate audiences as well as larger high profile international speakers events such as Patch Adams in Australia in recent years. Susan is extremely well connected with major networks and media and her corporate reputation is impeccable in terms of integrity and ethics, service and deliverability. <br />She is now working with national and international JV partners to utilize the best of the internet in social marketing, video marketing, viral marketing, email marketing, and more to optimize her speakers presence on the net. <br />