Emma Jane Taylor

Status: Online <br />Name: Emma <br />Nicknames: Emz, Emzipops, Emma Jane, emmataylor1994, XemmataylorX <br />Age:14 <br />Birthday: 2nd April <br />Hair Color: brown <br />Eye Colour: one is green and one is blue <br />Height: 1 metre 56cm <br />Orientation: Straight <br />Mood: Hungry, other then that I'm happy <br />Personality: Shy, Quiet, Sarcastic, Kind, fun, happy and cool <br />Wish: Get Final Fantasy 7 Crisis Core andFinal Fantasy 7 Remake. Work for Square-Enix <br />Occupation: Student at Settle College <br />Fear: Heights <br />Currently Playing: Dynasty Warriors 6 <br />Fave Video Games: Final Fantasy, Devil May Cry, Kingdom Hearts, Dynasty Warriors <br />MSN Address: emiluvsspongebob@hotmail.co.uk <br />E-mail Address: emiluvsspongebob@hotmail.com