emPower provides comprehensive training program for Dragon NaturallySpeaking 10 voice input software, tailored to your specific needs. From creating documents to controlling your desktop- Dragon NaturallySpeaking does it all and we can help. This innovative and easy-to-use product enables you to create emails, documents and spreadsheets, fill out forms, or edit existing ones, simply by speaking. Enter text as fast as you can talk. The legal, medical, professional and disabled communities are doing just this. With a little motivation on your part mixed with individualized training and customization services, you can become proficient using the state-of-the-art Dragon NaturallySpeaking continuous speech recognition software to perform your computing tasks. <br /><br />emPower offers Dragon Medical, Legal and Professional training program for successful speech recognition software implementation. Learn how to get the maximum benefits from Dragon NaturallySpeaking by investing in emPower elearning training program today. At the end of the training program the group will be able to produce documents, navigate the desktop, correct errors and browse the Web using their voice. <br />