My artistic name is electron7 and i'm an independent electronic music composer and producer from Belgium. <br />As a very young fellow i already had strong interests in music. <br />I enjoyed classical, electronical and pop music very much and i already wanted to try to compose and create music myself. <br />So when i was 18 years old i got myself a synthesizer to try out. <br />I was impressed with Jean Michel Jarre's and Vangelis' delightful music which made significant influence on my future work. <br /><br />Music is like a painting for me. <br />Electronic music for me is not something that is death or is linked with space , but i see it more as something organic and earthly, directed to the creation. <br />As you paint colors, or with nutrients that you bring along to make a dish, as i see it also in making electronic music. <br />Music are not only musical notes, but also sounds! <br />Any sound can become music, if you put it in the right combination with other sounds. <br /><br />Between 1994 and 2006, i extended my music studio more and more and i worked hard on diffirent demo projects named "The creation", "Water", "Obelisk", "Ichthus", "Revelation". <br />It was a quest for a style of music that i wanted to make. <br />In 2007 i have decided to compose and to release a full length album "Transfomation" on the internet and make it available to the public. <br />The album was released in 2008 under Creative Common License on a music network like Jamendo. <br />In 2009 i released a special project album "The secret place" that is very special to me. <br /><br />My music is first and foremost to praise and worship God. <br />My music is instrumental for 99% and is about personal situations, testimonies, God's power and feelings, biblical themes, etc. <br /><br />If you want to read more on my music, my studio and my background then please visit my main website on: www.wix.com/artist/electron7 <br /><br />http://electron7blog.jamendo.net Official Blog <br /><br />