BIOGRAPHY <br />Born in 2005, Electromix Records is a label of impassioned. Its originality lies in the production of sounds funcky, mixed with sonority old-school; elements not very present in the current electro scene. Add to this idea the essential ingredient: a wonderful gospel voice! Akil Wingate is the singer who makes vibrate the dancefloor. It had the chance to be made mark by David Guetta to be reproduced on the title “Save my Soul” of compilation F *** ME I' Mr. FAMOUS. <br />Today Akil integrates Electromix Records to be reproduced on the Album “My House is your House” of Alexandre Auger whose exit is announced in December 2007. Dimensioned maximum, one discovers there harmonious arrangements of “Yane Solone” for the title “facing the sea” or those of “Natty Rico” for the famous versions lounge which make speak about them through foreign compilations as in Spain or in the USA. One will not forget the producer “Royal Music Paris” who release a new track with Keith Thompson in New York under the name “Galaxy” or the duet of Cameronian percussionnist “Massed” and “Safrika titrates it” which immediately gives the tone tribal and coloured label. <br />No the licence, not of recovery or remix which you would have already heard there are five, ten to see twenty years behind. Electromix Records created of the hits with original pieces. Indeed, the title: “Everything you need” of Alexandre Auger remained 6 months in signal 50 of the clubs and the title of Yane Solone-Facing the sea is voted by plebiscite by MTV as credits for its emission of surfing “Eloha” the creativity thus did not say its last word!!! <br />Electromix Records wants to dissociate current tendency by its principal values: The music is positive, must make dream, and keep a note of freshness. Pleasure and simplicity are thus the engines of the Label. It is a key essential that Electromix Records with understood and that many clubbers claims as much to say that “the french touch” to beautiful days in front of it with these new actors <br />