Emad Hamdy : anyone who is at all interested in classical guitar, can hardly avoid this name. Hamdy has enjoyed <br />an outstanding reputation internationally as a classical guitarist, and the music press has included him in the Pantheon <br />of the world's best guitarist. Anyone who has attended to just one of his countless concert will gladly agree with <br />this assessment. Emad Hamdy has accomplished something that few people achieve in our day, <br />The perfect harmony of virtuosity , musicality and interpretation. <br /><br />This prominent guitarist is often heard performing Recitals, Chamber works and Orchestral works as he was the first <br />guitarist in Egypt plays guitar concerto with Cairo Symphony Orchestra in 1988. <br /><br />Hamdy Formed many unique classical chamber ensembles for the first time in Egypt including guitar duos with Violin, <br />Flute, Cello, Soprano and, Piano. He offers an exciting and fresh repertoire of original Arrangements of many <br />classical works as well as Argentine Tangos, Spanish Dances and Latin -American Folk Songs. <br /><br />In Mon. 22 Jan. 2007 Main Hall, Cairo Opera House, Emad Hamdy performed with Cairo Opera <br />Orchestra for the first time in egypt Rodrigo's masterpiece "Concierto de Aranjuez" <br />for guitar and orchestra, the most famous and most acclaimed guitar concierto ever written, <br />Composed by "Joaquin Rodrigo" , conducted by the Swiss conductor Maestro "Thomas Herzog". <br /><br />"When Emad Hamdy plays, the difficulties of the guitar seem to disappear and you are swept away by the poetry, <br />elegance and sensitivity of his interpretations.There is never a moments doubt about Hamdy’s awesome authority <br />whenever he touches a guitar. Hard to believe that there was just one Man and his guitar on stage because <br />Hmady had the whole orchestra at his fingertips…. (Al Ahram weekly...)"