Eduardo eduardo

Weel ,about me ,I am a descendant of Japanese, living in japan for 20 years. <br />I live alone in an little apart Izumo city,in Shimane province and have brothers here. <br />I'm a simple man try live a life. <br /><br />I have my defects and my virtues as any person. <br /><br />I not a special ,I know , but liked all my friends,then are special for me. <br /><br />" The true friendship is born of the respect mutual" ,I believe this <br />"I do not distinguish colors, I adore the rainbow. I do not know what woman is man nor, nor which the weak sex… I only know the Being Humano.I never see black, yellow or red whites nor… I see other cultures and other peoples. I do not believe heterossexualidade, bissexualidade and homossexualidade… I believe only the sexuality. I am not Buddhist nor Christian, nor I have Alá in the heart… but I have faith" <br />Thanks for your visit ,you will be always welcome