What is editableclips.com <br /><br />Editableclips is the community of motion graphics designers. Editableclips offers a growing library of conformable motion graphics for use in film, television, commercials, interactive web sites, and other multimedia productions. <br /><br />Buy stock <br /><br />With our unique pricing model you can purchase high quality ready-to-use files for as low as $29.15* - Full HD clip. Buy credit packages and spend them whenever you want. <br /><br />Hire an artist <br /><br />You can order customization directly from the Author! You will receive contact details, along with each purchased clip. Almost any change of animation is possible, according to customer's requirements. The Authors of all clips are experienced artists, who own full copyright to their works as all necessary source assets. Join us if you are talented Artist. <br /><br />Examples of customization <br /><br /> * change of colors <br /> * looping <br /> * speed up / slow down <br /> * compose in any provided logo, graphics or texts <br /> * change of scene elements <br /> * split into layers <br /> * generation of mattes, alpha channels <br /> * additional shots <br /> * change of rendering method <br /> * ... and whatever you can dream of <br /> * ... or you can invent an entirely new brilliant animations with our excelent artists!