hey i'm peter long (thepeterlong on youtube) ecw1995 on this i love video games music and wrestling i've started taking super mario world rom hacks if you have a hack you wanna send to me my email adress is <br /><br /> just a few guidelines of what kind of mario hacks i'm taking: <br /><br />Please don't go over board with the clappers or the invisible coin blocks <br /><br />make sure that your hack is at least some way creative if you just change the palettes and the names of the level i won't even think about doing videos of your hack <br /><br />Please PLEASE don't make things too kaizo there have been too many great lets players have quit doing ROM hack videos because of that i won't do any videos of your ROM hack if its bollocks hard well you got my email address so let me know if you want some coverage of ROM hacks or stuff <br /><br />thanks -thepeterlong- <br /><br />oh and if you want to request a game feel free to do it over my e-mail or comment any of my videos