Ebbtide Band

Ebbtide was founded in 2004 in Egypt under the name Victorious. They went through a number of personnel, style and name changes before the band found its own voice. The founding members were Mohamed Moghazy,Ahmed karam and Ahmed fouad. By 2007, the name had changed to Ebbtide , and guitarist/vocalist Ahmed Abd El Salam entered the band, replacing Karam. <br /><br />Mohamed Moghazy and Ahmed abd el salam became the driving force and mastermind of the band, assuming relatively complete control of the song-writing. They brought along not only strong rock influences, but also a neo-classical tinge, and after that, a full-time singer joined the band: Edward Samir, The band released a demo by 2008 Named as Sa'b (difficult) in arabic language, In 2009, their debut album Rest in peace was released, following two singles. the band went through several member changes, and then a full-time Drummer has joind the band: Adel samakia. then the band has to opportunity to be a part of Bibliotheca alexandria summer festival which has the frist prize as the best metal/rock band in 2009 summer.<br /><br />few months later Ebbtide band was a part of one of the beggiset Rock Festivals in Egypt ( Elsakia Rcok festival Vol.2 in collaboration with Andromida bandin april 2010. then followed by a show in DEO school,in may 2010<br /><br />then Ebbtide played a (King o f Notihng) concert in el sakia culture wheel in july 2010<br /><br />after that Ebbtide has shared the stage with Soul Revival band at septemper 2010.<br /><br />then share the stage again with azraq samawy band in Bibliothecal alexandria, followed by Elsakia Rock festival Vol.3 at octobre 2010. to be the last Concert of 2010 Tour.<br /><br />in march 2011 Ebbtide shared the stage with belma2loob band at el sakia culture wheel. then start to work on thier new album.