The eRNEST&AMz project was born out of a friendship. The two hip-hop/electro heads met at a small record label (Gobatcha) in Paris in 2007 where Ernest St. Laurent was working as the main songwriter and guitarist. He gave Amz, a DJ and multi-instrumentalist from New York, a chance to lay down vocals on some instrumentals he had been saving for the right artist. What came out was a brand new hip-hop sound. Ernest drew on his expert production skills to deliver blazing electro-house beats that combined a wide range of influences, from disco to daft punk, from Blondie to rjd2. Native New Yorker AMZ brought his light-hearted themes, wordplay and bouncy flows to the tracks, with compliments to artists like The Fresh Prince of Bel Air, Jurassic 5, The Pharcyde ...etc. <br /><br />