Dutch Franklin

Dutch Rocky Torres (Born 22 June) best known as Dutch Franklin, is an Italian American Spanish born Artist, Songwriter, Composer and Executive. He is one of the founders of the 70/30 Music Group Inc.-His Partner at the Record label is Russian Model Masha Rechman (WWW.MASHARECHMAN.COM) <br /><br />ART<br />Dutch is a very reclusive recording artist, allowing very few interviews if its not filmed by his own production company. On his spare time, Dutch loves to oil paint on canvas, collects Lladro figurines from Spain. Dutch frequently visits art galleries and museums. Dutch is also an avid golfer and enjoys classical music, making Andrea Bocelli one of his favorite recording artists to listen to. His favorite painters are Gustav Klimt, Auguste Renoir and Salvador Dali. <br /><br />MUSIC<br />Dutch Franklin’s first drum machine was the Roland TR-707 and his first keyboard was the Yamaha DX7II. Such artists as The Smiths, David Bowie and The Rolling Stones influenced Dutch at a very young age, to what he has become today,” Pure Musical Suicide Genius” – Rolling Stone. Dutch has written over 43 songs throughout his career as a professional writer with many well-known hit songs accredited to him both in America and abroad under several aliases. Dutch and Masha has put together a state of the art Recording facility named Studio”C” Miami Fl “Where the magic happens!!” –MR& CO. <br /><br />FASHION<br />Dutch Franklin frequently attends many modeling runway shows in Asia, Europe and America. It has been rumored that he even dated a few runway models, and even married a young beautiful woman at one point but he has never admitted to such accounts and has dismissed them entirely. Dutch is a part-time make-up artists as well due to his involvement in the fashion industries.<br /><br />Visit us at: <br />http://twitter.com/dutchfranklin<br />http://twitter.com/masharechman<br />https://www.facebook.com/THEREALDUTCHFRANKLIN<br />https://www.facebook.com/THEREALMASHARECHMAN<br /><br />All Rights Reserved. 70/30 Music Group Inc. 2013-2015.