Doç.Dr.Tosun Tosun's CV <br />Education: <br />Diplomate, Italian High School of Istanbul 1984 <br />Graduate, Dental Faculty-Istanbul University 1989 <br />Stage, Dental Faculty-Padua University, Italy 1992-93 <br />PhD in Oral Implantology, Dental Faculty-Istanbul University 1997 <br />Proficiency in Botox Applications, Reading-UK 2009 <br />Proficiency in Dermal Filler Applications, Istanbul, 2011 <br />MSc in Dental Lasers, AALZ-Aachen University 2010-11 <br />Ass.Professor in 2003 <br /><br />Business Experience: <br />Res. Ass., Dental Faculty-Istanbul University 1990-2002 <br />Part-time surgeon on Acıbadem/Harvard Medical International Hospitals 2007-08. <br />Part-time surgeon on Johns Hopkins Medecine 2008-09. <br />Private practioner since 2003 in Istanbul <br />Ass.Prof.Dr.Department of Biophysical, Medical and Odontostomatological Sciences and Technologies, Medical School, University of Genova, Italy. 2011