Alexander Rodriguez

Since 2003, the latino community, along with other races, have been enjoying a different type of music thanks to D.R-FLOW. The Group , which is comprised of 3 very talented youths , Ezequiel Rodriguez and Manuel Vasquez,Jose Juan Antigua, represent dominicans in and out of the Dominican Republic in a big way. <br /><br />Ever since the very beginnings of the group, these bright and talented young men have received the love and support of, not only the latino population, but also other races all over the world . Their music reaches from the streets of New York, to the hearts of many in South America, Europe, and beyond!!! They are well-recieved where ever they go because of the diversity of their music, from hip-hop to r&b, fans get the opportunity to take away a little bit of every genre of music known today. <br /><br />One thing that seperates D.R-FLOW from the other upcoming reggaeton groups is their humility towards the opportunity of being blessed with the gift of music. Where they've gone to perform, the crowd embraces them with open arms because of their down-to-earth demeanor , and their constant availability when it comes to their fans. D.R-FLOW was also selected to write a song and perform that song for the campaign of then presidental hopeful Barak H. Obama. From New York to California, this song was played to inspire the youth of America to get out and vote for change. The rest is history!!!!! <br /><br />In all actuality, D.R-FLOW continues to excel in their musical journey by filming their first video clip " Los Padrinos" ("The Godfathers" in spanish). It has been put in top positions on radio stations, along with different music video channels all over South America, the Carribean . and parts of Europe. As we speak, D.R-FLOW is just about ready to released their aniticipated debut album, The Godfathers, which consistsof 10 tracks, including the Obama Campaign Song as a bonus track on the upcoming LP.