Mark Lee

Az Phoneix, United States
My name is Mark Lee and I'm from Arizona. I'm a deaf artist and I comunicate using the American Sign Language, which is not exactly like English. I would like to meet more new friends. I love all deaf and hearing impaired furries, giantess and artists.

Please view my art with an open mind. If you don't agree or don't like it, please ignore it. My art shows my thoughts and ideas. I do not want to offend any one, but I do want to share my creative work. Thank you

My page Facebook here link.


fred ross
please add other buttcrush videos :)
Last year by fred ross
This request may sound rediculous, but could you please make an animation, where any of your anthro dragonesses grows slowly from human size to giantific size? It can be naked or grow out of clothes.
2 years ago by LogicGTSGrowths
Just thought I 'd give a shout out to ya for all the work that you've done!! I wish I was as talented as you are. I sincerely appreciate all the demands that people try and put on you concerning your artwork. Hope to see more in the future should you decide to continue.
2 years ago by Equinox09
Are requests allowed?
Just curious. :)
3 years ago by SomeRandomMinion

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