ove Media is a family based company that thrives on unity and trust. Our goal is to distribute innovative solutions, services and ensure customer satisfaction. Dove Media has found that by helping small to medium size companies address their problems and challenges. The clients in returned will become aware of their possibilities, aspirations and dreams of success. <br /><br />Our mission: is to help people reach their potential. <br /><br />Dove Media is working hard to bring this mission to life; this will ensure continued success in helping us to move to our NEXT LEVEL of Growth! <br /><br />Our Values: <br />Integrity – We maintain ethical and moral standards in personal and professional conduct. <br />Excellence – We Can and We Will. <br />Respect – We have as much consideration for the personal dignity and professional worth of others as we do for ourselves. <br />Quality – In business, we’ve discovered that our purpose to do to our utmost ability everyday