Donsome Records, Ltd.<br /><br />Welcome to Donsome Records, Ltd., home of Ras Handsome, JADO and Erasto - - true Rasta men with the hopes of spreading the love of Jah and blessing the world through song and good music. Based in Portmore, Jamaica, W.I., Donsome Records, Ltd. promises to be a Label that breaks new talent and spreads unity amongst the Industry.<br /><br />Formed in 2004 by the Label’s Founder, CEO and Owner, Adrian Hanson (p.k.a. Ras Handsome) and his Manager, Matthew McKenley - - they say that the concept behind Donsome Records, Ltd. is to create good, uplifting music and to elevate new artistes musically to the next level. Being a fully independent Distribution company as well, the entrepreneurship of Donsome Records, Ltd. is a self-contained musical machine that is constantly churning out good, righteous music.<br /><br />Several riddims have already come out of Donsome Records, Ltd. with established artistes like Jah Mason lending his vocal talent to the Label with his track Speedy. Riddims like “Hard Rock” and “Life Journey” are just a few of the innovative riddims that have come out of the Donsome Records, Ltd. camp. “Galchesta” is the latest riddim from the camp, and its catchy, syncopated track destines it to be a chart-topper! For convenience and continuity, Donsome Records, Ltd. works in tandem with its own in-house Production Companies, BoBo Productions, Ltd. and D-Rock Productions, Ltd. to ensure that the sound that comes from the camp is strictly their own.<br /><br />Ras Handsome, (who is also an artiste) lent his vocals alongside music veteran Dr. Marshall in August 2006 with the release of Life Is a Journey on the “Life Journey” riddim. This tune is being promoted with the Label’s first music video, “Life Journey Medley” which is currently enjoying rotation on CVM, RE-TV and Plush-TV, with more media outlets to follow.