Gerard Raneri Home Dog Training

Address and Phone Number: <br />3849 E Broadway Blvd #105 <br />Tucson, AZ 85716‎ <br />(520) 440-8848 <br /> <br />As a 30-year Tucsonan and local dog trainer, I am very aware of the unique issues associated with desert living—not just as a dog trainer but also as a dog owner. My family has owned as many as five dogs at one time. Today we share our home with Remo & Lucci, both are Pugs and Amici, he's an 85 Lbs. Labradoodle. I well understand and appreciate that our dogs are members of our families. <br /> <br />Is your dog embarrassing you? Maybe jumps on people, barks or pulls you down the road. <br />We can help with all your issues. From aggression to potty training, we come to your home and help you turn this behavior around. We all hear about being the pack leader.. How do you become this pack leader everyone is talking about? <br /> <br />I can teach you, without using any force! No shock collars, pinch collars or choke chains. You just won't need them. My method is based on your dogs temperament and your personality. Its a relationship based method and we customize it for you and your dog. Never using force to train. Call us to discuss your dogs behavior. We can help!