Danielle Keogh

Danielle Keogh is a passionate entrepreneur and is very eager to achieve her endeavors. She was raised near Seattle (Kirkland, Washington). As a child, she was homeschooled and attended college, full time, at the early age of 16. Before joining the working class, she studied Culinary Arts. Consequently, her first job was in the Restaurant Industry and she experienced working in all positions (over a decade). Opening a few high end Restaurants is one of her ambitions in life. Her talents extend as a vocalist/song writer. In her early years she earned money doing gigs in the Seattle Metropolitan area. Music was one of Danielle's many loves, so naturally she became a disc jockey. She opened her own Mobile Disc Jockey Service in 2009 earning a comfortable income. Even though Ms. Keogh had been running her own business, choosing her own work environments, and making her own work schedule something was still missing. The fact remained that she was still a "hired hand" albeit with her own company. Realizing this, Danielle's curiosity got the best of her, and she began searching the Internet to find out how she might possibly achieve the goal of obtaining her ideal career. She then discovered that she could actually generate a substantial revenue from anywhere at any given time. This was the answer to her problems, and the first step on the path that would lead her to fulfilling her long held dreams. Ms. Keogh is a prime example of what one can achieve having an eager attitude and solid work ethics. Danielle is also a lover of French Cuisine, enjoys dancing, the arts, and has even taken steps towards the production side of the music industry.