Owen Trujillo

Bilingual hip hop has long been a desolate genre, yet 2MX2s powerful force has ignited a new kind of pride amongst the double tongued population. Detonating stages with a formidable live show, crowds around the US have been tasting what Role Pley and Juice E.T. Hugo mean when they say “Por aqui, por alla”. The year 2012 has their name written all over it. <br />In 2008, Role Pley & Juice E.T. Hugo signed to LateNite Entertainment headed by manager/CEO, Maki Lucero, which led to their first album under LateNite Ent; the “2012 LP”. Then known as 20:12, they became leaders in Latino social justice music, while displaying a wide range of styles for people who wanna either take back their rights, romanticize a woman, party up or simply vibe through the streets. Featuring Latin Grammy Award winners Akwid, and Grammy Award Winner Bizzy Bone (from BTNH) the album shed light onto a bright future for the group.<br />The name 20:12 exploded once they hit the stage, performing music that was written and recorded for performance. Combined with tongue twister verses, catchy hooks and choreographed performances, their stage presence grew providing a show unmatched by many live acts in the music industry. With the help of professional dancer/choreographer Ray Maestas, their live show became a minefield for the group. <br />Later in 2010 through 2011, after the success of their first album; 20:12 set out on their first national tour with Akwids and other such as Fulanito, MC Magic & Kinto Sol.<br />In two years the group had performed over 100 shows throughout the United States and landing a couple gigs in Mexico. Early 2011, they began production of their latest album “2MX2: Case Study 20:12” emancipating themselves from the name 20:12. 2MX2 arose with a video for a new single ‘Planet LateNite’ shot at the Mayan pyramids of Chichen Itza, the song became a hit and reached over 43,000 hits in the first 3 months.