Klang Indian Chamber of Commerce Objectives :<br /><br />1) To promote and protect the interests of Indian Merchantile Community in Klang, Selangor and it's surrounding areas.<br /><br />2) To represent and express the opinions of the Private Sectors on Commercial issues, legislative policies affecting trade, commerce and manufacturers<br /><br />3) To promote and assist the conduct of business by members in Klang, Selangor and its surrounding areas both amongst themselves and in their dealings with others.<br /><br />4) To promote, maintain and protect uniformity in the rules, regulations and usage of trade.<br /><br />5) To play a rightful role in economic and social development of Klang, Selangor and surrounding areas.<br /><br />6) To Co-operate with Government Agencies and public Bodies in Malaysia to Enchance economic and trade development of Indian Business.