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Greece's oldest and only English-language newspaper

Founded in 1952 by Yannis Horn, the Athens News, Greece's oldest English-language newspaper, is published every Friday.

In 1993, the Athens News was acquired by the Lambrakis Foundation, a non-profit research centre specialising in education which thoroughly redesigned and revamped it. Its new layout even won a national design award the first year!

In 2008, it was acquired by Myenpi Publishing Company, which joined the NEP Publishing Group in 2010.

Now, the Athens News has regular sections covering every aspect of Greek news – be it politics, social issues, environment, business, arts & entertainment and sports – as well as international news. Weekly features include analysis of domestic and foreign affairs by leading academics and experts, humour columns and reader contributions.

The readers of the Athens News include Greece's English-speaking and foreign community which rely on the newspaper to keep abreast of domestic and international events. The Athens News is also considered essential reading by Greek politicians, civil servants and businessmen as well as Greeks abroad.

On 16 March 2001, after 49 years as a daily, the Athens News began to be published as a weekly newspaper. The newspaper is now available at Greek and foreign press news-stands across Greece.

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