DJ Swivet fuels artists, frenzies fans, and fills venues to maximum capacity. That’s what Swivet is all about—taking musical experiences to the highest level through his relentless hustle and immaculate sound. It’s no wonder, then, that when Swivet debuted on the music scene he accelerated past competitors in no time. Swivet’s turntable dexterity and irresistible charisma have secured him a spot alongside hip-hop’s elite. Just like the title of his hard-hitting debut mixtape featuring Waka Flocka proclaims, DJ Swivet is born to win and here to take over the game. <br /><br />Growing up just outside of New York City, Swivet was immersed at a young age in the music of DJ Kool Herc, DJ Premier, DJ Qbert and Grand Wizzard Theodore. Though Swivet’s turntablism was inspired by the classic hip-hop of which he has an encyclopedic knowledge, Swivet has an ear for innovation and always spins the hottest new material. He has gained internet notoriety for providing exclusive access to the most exciting releases from all musical genres. Swivet’s diverse taste and acute understanding of popular music enable him to turn any club dance floor into total calamity. <br /><br />Swivet can be heard playing for packed crowds all the way from Boston to New York City, including venues like Crash Mansion and Pete Wentz and Travis McCoy’s own Angels and Kings. DJ Swivet has performed at countless shows backing heavyweights like Fabolous, Dipset, Jadakiss, Maino and J. Holiday. Celebrities like Funk Master Flex and Courtney Love have enlisted Swivet’s turntable firepower for their own private events. Swivet is the official DJ for Donnie Klang, the R&B/Pop sensation with whom he is constantly on the move. <br /><br />DJ Swivet is managed by Justice Dawkins of 808 Concerts. Please direct all booking and media inquiries to him at <br /><br />Visit for more news and info on DJ Swivet.